Reviews to Favourite Motor Training School

  • Moumita Kar
    Thanks for helping me to learn driving.

  • Puskar Maji
    Very good services

  • Indranil Sengupta
    I am highly satisfied with thir training method, the behaviour of the respected trainers, the services what I received from day one till getting my licence. The experience with them was really fantastic. I am requesting to all who want to learn driving in appropriate manner, should join them. Special thanks to Ranku Da for helping me to get my licence and Raja Da my trainer.

  • Anindita Chowdhury
    I have just completed 12 hours driving course from this school today. I had an excellent experience from the trainer RAJA da. I am very satisfied with the training. Thanx a lot ''Favourite Mtotr Training School"

    Excellent training facility and very proficient trainers. I have trained with wonderful person Raja da, starting literally from zero, he trained me in such a way that I can drive smoothly and also cleared my driving test in a very comfortable manner.

  • Aungana Basu
    Had joined for 4 wheeler training. Had a wonderful time. Very satisfied. Did training under Raja da. Very efficient and helpful.

  • Keshav Kejriwal
    Punctual, patient, and friendly trainers coupled with the opportunity to drive multiple cars (I drove both Alto and Santro) helped me gain confidence and get a feel of the road. Thank you Ranku Sir and Pal Sir. :)

  • Priti Saha
    To learn 4 wheeler driving,I have joined in this institute Favourite Motor Training School.The training is good and they charge me Rs 4500 for the training.I am satisfied with this institute.

  • Arunava Sarkar
    Had an excellent experience while taking driving classes from here. I was full of confidence post the training. Also, the morning tea with my trainer and the useful tips while having tea is something

  • Gopal Sharma
    Joined in this driving school to learn car driving. Trainers have very experienced and they are providing me proper training. I have paid Rs.3000 for the same. Happy to join here.

  • Aparna Saha
    Well favorite driving provides an extremely well managed professional course on driving,completing which i have been extremely satisfied..and with its well managed staff and hospitable services,there is not a word to say....i am extremely satisfied with the services rendered to me...

  • Pritam sap sarkar
    I have just completed 12 hours driving course & I realy satisfied with training. Specialy the owner is very much professional with him job. Thanx  Favourite motor training School.

  • Tiash Sengupta
    I am very much satisfied with the training they had given. I have just completed my 12 hours course and able to drive my own car all alone smoothly in regular basis without any difficulties. I would highly recommend this training school to anyone who wants to learn driving.

  • Samanyu Ghose
    Owner is very much professional,well always on time and serious about the job.Knows all the nitty gritty.

  • Shibashis Mukherjee
    I am taking the training for four wheeler through this Favorite Motor more 3 classes is remaining for me,they had given per day 1hr training totally 12hrs at Rs3500 and 1 theory class was there,it is good training school for the learners.